Chryssa Tsouraki


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As the Co-CEO of IN-VR, Chryssa Tsouraki is responsible for government relations, and marketing for countries in the EMEA, LATAM and APAC regions, where she oversees the promotion of several licensing rounds and projects, and oversees the capacity building of national energy institutions.

Chryssa has a proven government marketing track record in the energy industry, working with over 52 government agencies, NOCs, and hydrocarbon agencies to promote their energy and hydrocarbons assets to the industry, Chryssa Tsouraki was the Co-CEO of SuitsMe, and the Founder & Head of the Oil & Gas Portfolio of IRN, where she was responsible for the resurgence of the Balkans region as an attractive destination for hydrocarbon exploration and production, leading to the success of several licensing rounds and midstream agreements, as well as, the rise of local content in the region.


Stelios Papagrigoriou 


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Stelios Papagrigoriou, Co-CEO of IN-VR, is leading our Investor & Industry Relations initiative, and our M&A department, where he is responsible for overseeing several active deals, and fundraising campaigns. Stelios is also responsible for IN-VR’s strategy, and overlooking operations globally.

As the former Director of Product and Content Monetization of Reach Plc, Stelios has a long history of successful fundraising, positioning and monetization strategies for several product lines and subsidiaries. Furthermore, Stelios has a deep understanding of the banking ecosystem, starting his international career in the Bank of America, creating and fostering relationships throughout the past decade, opening pathways for assets all over the world. 

Senior Team


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Madalena Soares de Albergaria

Government Relations Director

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Μadalena Soares de Albergaria, Government Relations Director, is leading IN-VR’s Department of Governmental Consulting and Advisory Services. She is responsible for designing and approving any promotion strategy related to enabling national energy markets to secure new global investment, and for assessing and developing Stakeholder Engagement & Building Capacity for our clients and partners.
Madalena is an experienced consultant with a background of attracting FDI for extractive industries.


Mohamad Kantar

Regional Director, EMEA

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Mohamad Kantar, Regional Director, EMEA, is spearheading IN-VR’s EMEA projects, strategy, and long-term partnerships. Mohamad has a long history of helping energy companies in the EMEA region achieve their goals, enter new markets, and position themselves for new opportunities.

Mohamad is the Co-Founder of Impact Lebanon, a non-profit organisation that brings the community together to pursue initiatives that deliver impact for Lebanon. Mohamad holds a BSc degree in Environmental Health from AUB and MSc degree in Sustainable Environment Development from London.


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Romina Krauss, Head of Investors Relations & APAC Director, is leading all A&D transactions for INVR. She is in charge of stakeholder liaison for our clients and partners.

Romina has a long experience and proven track record in seeding Investors relations and securing investment for Governments, NOCs and energy companies spanning across LatAm, Middle East, Europe and Asia.

Partners & Advisors



Eslam Samy


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Eslam Samy has advised on over 50 deals across EMEA and Japan. He has more than 10 years of experience in the Big 4 (EY, PwC), and is a UK-chartered accountant. He is an Ex-EY Oil & Gas M&A Centre of Excellence member and was previously sponsored for research by Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Tech.

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Colin Marshall


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Colin Marshall has 35 years of oil & gas experience, specializing in South East Asia for over 25 years. Colin has worked in the commercial domain for the last 30 years, having lead or advised in joint venture management, unitizations, and gas price negotiations. He is using his business expertise to provide constructive & creative solutions in complex & difficult negotiations, engaging all relevant stakeholders.


Duncan Rushworth


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Duncan Rushworth has over 25 years of experience in both industry and advisory roles, with a proven track record of providing growth and portfolio management for E&P companies in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. His areas of expertise include acquisition and divestment of producing and development assets, exploration farm-in/farm-out and exploration new ventures


Romina Krauss

Head of Investors Relations & APAC Director

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Diversity, Inclusion and Equality at IN-VR


From its conception, IN-VR was built with balance and equality in mind. When we started, we had a mission: build the best team in the world, wherever in the world our members might be, and bring energy democratization. Recruiting people with no racial, gender or geographical limitations has allowed us to attract the best talent in the industry, maintain an international perspective, and build a worldwide presence, while working fully remotely.

Why diversity is important to us

Diversity and democratization are at the core of who we are. IN-VR was founded by Stelios Papagrigoriou and Chryssa Tsouraki as a dynamic duo, combining business acumen and industry knowledge. Our teams are multicultural, consisting of a 50:50 gender ratio, helping us understand the needs of companies and governments all over the world.

Hiring people no matter their location, has made us one of the most adaptable and versatile teams in the industry, taking and completing projects with excellence world-wide, from Latin America, and Africa, to APAC, Europe, and beyond.

Democratization does not stop with energy

We pride ourselves in running our teams in an open and transparent way, giving our members the ability to choose the projects they want to take part in, while following their passions. IN-VR members travel the world, meet with key individuals, and develop organically. We do not hide our plans and ambitions, but share everything IN-VR-related with the team, with full respect and discretion for our partners’ plans and data.
Information democratization helped us not only survive the Covid-19 pandemic, but grow tremendously over the past two years, while helping all our partners find investment and position themselves preemptively in the reformed energy industry.

We do not fill positions,
we hire talent

IN-VR consists of some of the most talented people in the industry, and certainly, the most ideal for their jobs: this is because we build positions around our talented employees. There is no glass ceiling here, but open arms. We grow as our team members grow, and as such, we invest in everyone’s development, and well-being. 

Fully Remote, Fully Versatile

Our teams have been working from the comfort of their home offices since IN-VR’s inception. This allows everyone to maintain the healthy lifestyle of their choice, and travel the world, whether this is on business, personal development, or simply to explore new places.

We use state-of-the-art software, and the latest management tools and methods, to ensure that we complete our tasks and projects with flying colours, while operating in more than 5 time zones. 


Our teams visit 5 new countries per year on average, broadening their horizons, networking, and helping our clients achieve their goals and ambitions, all over the world.