3rd Timor-Leste Oil, Gas & Energy Summit

25th MARCH 2021


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Officially Endorsed by and Under the Auspices of

The National Authority of Petroleum and Minerals of Timor-Leste

The 3rd Timor-Leste Oil, Gas & Energy Summit included:






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International Oil Companies

The next big opportunity in South East Asia

The most promising producer in Southern Asia

Great offshore & onshore opportunities are being created as more of the country opens for exploration.

Major exploration opportunities and contracts are on the way as Timor Leste’s oil & gas industry is undergoing significant growth at an increased rate, thanks to ANPM. 

An example of regional cooperation

Timor Leste is one of the most prominent examples of successful international and government-IOC cooperation in the world, building an impressive network of cooperation with Australia and participating NOCs, in order to make optimal use of the significant offshore reserves.

Offshore Greater Sunrise: A $75 billion oil and gas giant​

Timor Leste is the majority shareholder in the Greater Sunrise fields, containing more than 5.13 trillion cubic feet of gas, worth at least 50 billion dollars. The blocks contain 225.9 million barrels of condensate reserves, worth over $15 billion.


As the project is developing, major partnership opportunities are created in upstream and midstream. These opportunities will be discussed in detail by Timor GAP on the first Timor Oil & Gas Summit, following the highly successful $20 billion Bayu-Undan offshore field. 

Onshore Timor-Leste: Exploration blocks are available, following successful operations ​

As onshore exploration begins at onshore blocks A & C in Timor Leste, independent assessments indicate that the block contains more than 127 million barrels of recoverable oil, with the profits being $3.5 billion minimum, with the potential to triple as the onshore field reaches its potential.

Who is the online summit for?


H.E. Victor da Conceição Soares


Ministry of Petroleum and Minerals

Rosentino Amado Hei

Director of PSC and Legal Compliance

ANPM - Autoridade Nacional do Petróleo e Minerais

Jarrad Grahame

Senior Geoscientist - Business Development Manager


Martin Bawden

Business Development Manager

Zebra Data Sciences

Florentino Soares Ferreira


ANPM - Autoridade Nacional do Petróleo e Minerais

Agus Maradona Tilman

Commercial Director

ANPM - Autoridade Nacional do Petróleo e Minerais

João Afonso Fialho

Head of Practice Partner Oil & Gas

Vieira De Almeida

António José Loiola de Sousa

President & CEO

Timor GAP

Paul Robinson

Principal Consultant

ANPM - Autoridade Nacional do Petróleo e Minerais

Roberto Fainstein

Industry Expert & Academic

Mateus da Costa

Executive Director for Exploration

ANPM - Autoridade Nacional do Petróleo e Minerais

Colin Murray

Vice President


Giota Giogli

CEO & Founder



IN-VR’s production team is in constant communication with Timor-Leste’s key hydrocarbon agencies, and new coming investors in the region, to build an Agenda that will host the most impactful content and encourage dialogue.

Timor-Leste Summit

  • Timor-Leste’s 2nd Licensing Round: Acreage opportunities and terms

  • ANPM’s instrumental role and jurisdiction in the country and region

  • Timor-Leste’s geology and available seismic data 

  • Why to invest in Timor-Leste - Investor's perspective 

  • Service provider opportunities in Timor-Leste

  • The Timor-Leste / Australia Maritime Boundary Treaty – the new framework 

  • What are the best companies to partner with in Timor-Leste? 

  • Exploration updates in Timor-Leste 

  • The Chudith Gas Discovery and the PSC TL-SO-19016 license, SundaGas’ success and update

  • Bayu-Undan field updates and new opportunities 


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Chariot Oil and gas

Larry Bottomley, CEO

It has been an excellent listen to the challenges of other companies and how they have been able to overcome that. Excellent experience to network with peers and ministries. Our goals for the summit was to understand the gas market and were able to make excellent contacts which we are very happy about.