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Rio de Janeiro
26th-27th May 2022
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Meet Brazil's key players and take part in the latest business opportunities 

New onshore exploration opportunities:

Get exclusive presentations on Brazil’s geology from Ronan Avares, book your meeting now.

Next Bidding Rounds:

Discover Brazil’s next available blocks and position your company as a key service provider for IECs entering the industry.

Renewable energy market growth:

Brazil generates more than 75% of its electricity through renewables. Find out how to make the most out of its energy storage, hydroelectric, biofuel, solar and wind opportunities.

Natural gas opportunities:

With Brazil undergoing significant reforms in its natural gas regime, new investors and midstream companies will be coming to take part in huge midstream opportunities.

Exclusive service provider opportunities:

increasing the life cycle of mature fields, acquiring new recovery technologies, enhancing the oilfield recovery factor, offshore infrastructure.

Shallow and Deepwater exploration & production  opportunities:

Highly promising offshore post-salt concessions and shallow water fields are becoming available for the first time 

Take part in the latest opportunities in Brazil:

  • Gas to power
  • Energy transition
  • Digitalization
  • Exclusive service provider opportunities
  • EOR
  • New pipeline projects
  • Offshore infrastructure
  • Deepwater Exploration
  • Onshore well drilling
  • Energy storage solutions

ANP & IN-VR’s international collaboration

Ongoing partnership: Introducing 100+ International and Brazilian companies over the last 24 months

From left to right: Stelios Papagrigoriou, Chryssa Tsouraki, Co-CEOs IN-VR, Ronan Avila, ANP in ANP offices Brazil


Marina Abelha, Superintendent of Exploration, ANP at our last Latam Oil & Gas Summit

IN-VR has been creating this platform together with a number of highly successful virtual events,  arranging meetings for companies interested in Brazil’s opportunities.


Since December 2019, IN-VR’s senior team has been engaging in a series of meetings with ANP and APEX BRAZIL, to ensure the Brazil Oil, Gas & Energy Summit will become the largest platform to bridge potential investors with national policy makers and the local industry.


With COVID-19 affecting all physical events, the Brazil Oil, Gas & Energy Summit will be the first global face-to-face and digital event after the pandemic.

Ronan Avila presenting Brazil’s opportunities to 360+ IECs and 590+ service providers at IN-VR’s Global E&P Summit

Brazil Energy Summit

IN-VR and ANP have been building the most beneficial event for the industry, working together in online and physical events since 2019, bringing Brazil’s opportunities to over 3500 decision makers and international investors.
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5th-6th April 2022

IN-VR’s production team has partnered with ANP’s superintendencies, interviewing new investors in the country and key players, in order to build a holistic Agenda, and bring the country’s biggest opportunities to light for international and regional investors. 

Key Thematics

  • ANP and its vision for the Brazilian oil and gas industry

  • Hydrocarbon potential: Brazil’s rich geology and future exploration plans

  • Brazil’s Onshore exploration and future opportunities 

  • Unconventional Hydrocarbon Exploration in Brazil: Status and Prospectivity

  • Brazil’s pre-salt technological and exploration leadership

  • Revitalizing mature oil & gas fields through Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques

  • Natural gas infrastructure in Brazil

  • Meeting the rising natural gas demand 

  • Uruguaiana –Porto Alegre pipeline; Connecting Vaca Muerta to Brazil

  • Revitalizing mature oil & gas fields through Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques

  • Refining capacity: Matching the country’s rapidly growing production?

  • Bazil’s Energy Strategy: Meeting South America’s largest energy sector’s demand

  • Brazil’s massive renewables success and key learnings

  • Brazil’s environment laws and policies

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