Cape Town
TBA 2022
Endorsed by:
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Officially Endorsed by and Under the Auspices of

Petroleum Agency SA

Join the first post-COVID Oil, Gas and Energy Summit to open networking routes for the South-African and international industry.

With over 1,300 international executives from 656 companies interested in South Africa’s E&P, Midstream, Downstream and Energy opportunities, the South Africa Summit will bring new business opportunities in the country. Petroleum Agency SA, the National Hydrocarbon Agency of South Africa and IN-VR have created this platform to onboard Independents, Investors and Supply Chain companies that want to take part in the latest opportunities of the biggest economy in Africa. 

Take part in the latest oil, gas & energy opportunities in South Africa:

  • 20 offshore blocks under exploration
  • Gas transportation
  • Exclusive service provider opportunities
  • Brulpadda field exploration
  • Major IOCs entering the country
  • Massive deepwater discoveries
  • Natural gas processing
  • Energy storage solutions
  • New incentives for oil and gas exploration

Meet South Africa’s government, IOCs and oil & gas players in 1:1 meetings


2 days

of networking

with South Africa’s government and key players



exclusive workshop

by industry experts



private B2B meetings

prescheduled meeting for you

Petroleum Agency SA’s & IN-VR’s international collaboration

Ongoing partnership: Introducing 80+ International and South African companies over the last 12 months

Chryssa Tsouraki & David van der Spuy meet at IN-VR’s Global E&P Online Summit

IN-VR has been creating this platform together with a number of highly successful virtual events, resulting in more than 2000 meetings arranged for companies interested in Africa’s opportunities.


Since June 2019, IN-VR’s senior team has been engaging in a series of meetings with Petroleum Agency SA, to ensure the South Africa Summit will become the best platform to connect new investors with national policy makers and the local industry.


With COVID-19 affecting all physical events, the South Africa Oil, Gas & Energy Summit will be the biggest face-to-face and digital event focusing on South Africa’s multi billion opportunities after the pandem

David van der Spuy presenting South Africa’s opportunities to more than 1600 E&Ps at IN-VR’s Global E&P Summit

Our Sponsors and Partners
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Two days of the latest and most profitable opportunities in South Africa

For Independent Oil Companies

  • Offshore Block Exploration

  • New Invite-only Bidding Round
    New hydrocarbons regulations and Incentives

  • Joint-Venture partnerships

  • New fiscal regime
    Massive offshore discoveries

For Midstream


For Service Providers & Technology Companies

  • Offshore infrastructure

  • Pipeline Construction
    Natural Gas Storage

  • LNG Facilities

  • LNG Transportation

  • Seismic research

  • Logistics Management

  • Exploratory offshore well drilling 

  • Technical expertise & Consulting

  • Oilfield Services
    Evaluation & Certification

  • Environmental Consulting & HSE

  • Production optimization

Join the South Africa Oil, Gas & Energy Summit for more than 16 hours of presentations and meetings on the latest and greatest opportunities in the country’s hydrocarbon and energy industry:

New offshore exploration opportunities for IOCs and Seismic companies:

Get exclusive presentations on South Africa’s invite-only assets and legislation from David van der Spuy, book your meeting now.

Natural gas opportunities:

With 20 offshore blocks under exploration and a growing demand for gas, the market is actively looking for midstream solutions to empower its storage, transfer and exporting capabilities. 

Exclusive service provider opportunities:

increasing offshore exploration efficiency, acquiring new recovery technologies, HSE, offshore infrastructure.

Join South Africa’s official Oil, Gas & Energy Summit

and take part in the latest opportunities

2022 is the ideal year to network with South Africa’s most influential players, with major IOCs investing in the country, 20 offshore blocks under exploration, and a huge demand for gas storage, transportation and processing.

Meet with South Africa’s government, key investors, existing operators, new IOCs entering the country, and E&Ps looking to invest in its gas market in South Africa’s official networking and investment event, the South Africa Oil, Gas & Energy Summit.


Discover the latest and upcoming opportunities in South Africa, multiply your exposure and partner-up with new clients thanks to the Summit’s pre-scheduled meeting platform.

Main Thematics

IN-VR’s production team has partnered up with Petroleum Agency SA as well as interviewed new coming investors in the country, to build an Agenda that will host the most impactful content and encourage dialogue.
  • South Africa’s upcoming offshore acreage Licensing Round

  • What do the upcoming Oil & Gas Regulations entail? What are the new fiscal and legal incentives?

  • Activating South Africa’s high offshore exploration potential

  • Meeting South Africa’s growing gas demand: What are the latest transportation, storage and exportation opportunities for service providers?

  • New technologies and services for offshore oil and gas fields: Partnering with new EPs and future steps

  • How is Covid-19 affecting South Africa: What will be the post-pandemic challenges with a political, economic and social focus?


ONHYM, Morocco

Wafae Benhammou, Director of New Business and Cooperation

IN-VR is very professional, due to their important portfolio the key people involved in the oil industry were present at the summit. We highly recommend Chryssa and her team.