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Interviewing global Heads of Ministries NOCs and IOC leaders


Message from our Co-CEO:

2020 has been incredibly challenging for the energy industry, affecting FDI and investment attraction, so 2021 will be the most demanding year.

Strong Leadership is the way forward. We have always existed to support Nations and will continue accelerating the growth of those around the world who have asked for our help.

Our expert teams will assess and audit your exact needs, build a tailored plan and ensure your success through the power of technology and vast investor networks.

We envision a prosperous future where energy is clean, abundant, reliable, and affordable.


We are the strategic growth partner for Nations. We develop recommendations and integrated strategic plans for sustainable exploitation of hydrocarbons and renewable energy projects.

Chryssa Tsouraki

Since 2012, we have been trusted by Global Ministries and NOCs, as well as international E&P, energy and power companies to raise their investment profile and introduce them to their future Partners and investors.

The A to Z plan for energy projects to succeed and thrive

One-Stop-Shop for Asset & Block promotion


Strategic FDI consulting

  • Benchmarking on global bidding rounds

  • Market-screening for the best potential investors

  • Understanding the project's competitive advantages

Promotion & Marketing

  • Auditing the authority and the project

  • Evaluation of the market's current global visibility

  • Advisory for brand growth

  • Awareness and Strategic Engagement

Conferences & Licensing Round Support

  • Tailored high-end international summits

  • Best executed virtual forums in the industry

  • Exceptional roadshows securing E&P interest

Business Development

  • 24/7 programme to seal the investors' commitment

  • Access to the most comprehensive DB for meetings

  • Full calendar & agenda with the private sector


Integrated Service Solution






Our services tailored to governments’ acceleration
Strategy and preparation phase

1. Strategic FDI Advice and Consulting

Our in-house and international renowned multi-disciplinary experts will assess and advise on a strategic tailored plan across all areas (legal, fiscal, marketing, operational etc).

We have developed IN-VR Ratings for Governments, a unique evaluation tool based on 50 criteria required globally by investors to measure the quality and readiness of your business opportunity.

Closing phase

5. Business Development and Loyalty


IN-VR will remain your trusted partner until the completion of the Acceleration programme’s last steps, to support you with negotiations as required, until deal closing, and procure comments on final binding offers on top of a deep analysis report of the campaign.

Execution phase

2. Communication, Promotion & Marketing

Brings together all the different forms of communication to develop creative campaigns tailored to your needs, using latest technologies to uplift your organization’s identity, create international industry awareness, and stimulate your promotion process.


3. Licensing Round, Block Promotion & Open Door Support


10+ years experience in strategizing and implementing Licensing Rounds with concrete results. Your Round will be designed to engage EPs with physical and online Roadshows, Door-to-Door campaigns, and targeted direct introductions using our fail-proof IN-VR Licensing Round Plan.


4. Conferences & Investment Forums (online and physical)

Meet new investors and promote your energy initiatives through tailored high-end international Summits and conferences maximizing stakeholder engagement and development of the private sector.

This is not just another event

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Frank Mugisha, Ag Commissioner & Manager, Second Licencing Round

Thank you for giving me this platform to be able to present to this number of investors. We are sure that very soon we will start to see an upsurge of investors in Uganda.






Our Buenos Aires Regional office leads and delivers multi-disciplinary projects and campaigns to attract investment for Governments, Agencies and NOCs.

Local content, communication and promotion campaigns for Licensing Rounds, Open Door and multi-billion project worth Gas and Downstream projects.

Over 10+ Licensing Rounds organised, promoted, and strategically marketed with proven-track record and vast expertise in South East Europe (Balkans) and all Mediterranean countries.

Our team has now successfully expanded in Asia through our Jakarta office. Our first APAC partnership with East Timor has attracted hundreds of new investors in the country.

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