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The time for Africa is now

A revolutionary partnership to bring in a new age of African Energy Development

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We are proud to announce our partnership with the established and world leading Africa Oil Week.

The simple click of a finger to confirm your attendance will unlock a vault of cash flow opportunities through access to an intercontinental market.

The event has provided decades of impact, catalysing African development to supply a burgeoning demand.

The mantra that AOW has lived by for the past 29 years, steering Africa’s energy sector from its infancy to the next global leader, whilst ensuring the creation of local content, aligns with our vision.

We firmly believe, from a position of knowledge, that Africa is on the cusp of greatness and AOW provides the perfect opportunity to harness such power. In collaboration with our esteemed partners, we want to revolutionise the concept of a networking event.

We will be with you during every step of the journey, starting from a personalised PR campaign to promotional videos in the aftermath of this historic festival of energy!

The Summits

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C-Suite delegates

In it's last edition on Cape Town.

Africa Oil Week is the premier event

Africa Oil Week is the premier event, It is the voice and platform for the promotion and development of Africa`s upstream for the benefit of the continent and its people. Whilst the world is building its own narrative surrounding the energy transition, we at Africa Oil Week believe Africa has a role to play in global supply of sustainable oil and gas whilst we take the journey along a balanced energy transition.

Most importantly, we believe our continent has the right to exploit its natural resources to benefit our respective economies and socio-economic development. Its widely accepted that the world will require oil and gas for decades to come, and we feel Africa deserves its opportunity to develop oil and gas assets with strong carbon management strategies for domestic and regional prosperity. It is the only event in the world that has brought together every Major oil and gas company with governments such as yourselves to develop and produce sustainable hydrocarbons for the good of our continent.

Africa, the next global energy leader.

About AOW


Leading speakers


Ministers and government


$100 USD

of investment

Directed at the African energy & oil and gas sector.

Africa Oil Week hosts the largest audited delegation of 2,000+ C-Suite delegates in its last edition on Cape Town. This poses a unique opportunity for the Government to get face time with over $100Bn USD of investment directed at the African energy and oil and gas sector.

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About GEAS

Green Energy Africa is the voice of the continent

When it comes to power development and supporting Africa across its own energy transition. The energy transition is a challenging topic in the emerging markets. On one hand Africa faces a plethora of challenges surrounding energy access to drive economic development, job creation and energy access for all. On the other hand the undue pressure on a continent with relatively low carbon emissions to develop new infrastructure is unfair. Therefore, Green Energy Africa is the continent's platform to develop partnerships between governments, utilities, investors and IPPs in reflection of the continent's needs and not the demands and pressures of the international community.

The summit will bring together over 500 delegates with just over USD$75Bn under management in the renewable energy sector. The summit will provide a think tank for new policy that will create increased capital flows for the future prosperity of the 55 countries of Africa.

It’s a unique chance to get 121 meetings with IPPs, Banks, Funders and Developers on priority energy projects within your country.

Chance to get



with IPPs, Banks, Funders & Developers

With over

$75 USD

Under management

in the renewable energy sector

Bringing together



Africa, the next global energy leader.

What is on offer?

A unique and bespoke offering to unlock opportunities

As experts in match-making, we seek to guide you through the process and attract the best partner for your nation’s opportunities. Be it upstream exploration projects or downstream investment, our team of experts will be with you every step of the way.

AOW and IN-VR will work with you 365 of the year to prepare for and harness the event as well as develop leads in its aftermath. We invite you to become part of the most exclusive global energy network that will open doors to a new chapter of African energy history.

Personalised Governmental

Presentation Development

Global Public Relations campaign to promote your  energy sector

  • Interview with the speaker

  • Podcast

  • Social Media Coverage

  • Articles promoting the country

  • Customised project promotion

  • Upstream Highlights

  • Booth & Brochure Graphic Design

Travel and Logistics:

  • Assistance with flights and Accomodation for the duration of the summit

  • Please enquire about our travel and logistics package

Speaking Engagements:

  • 1 x Dedicated National Showcase to 200 Investors surrounding your Energy Sector to: Operators, IPPs, Banks, Investors.


  • Become a exclusive member of the Pan Africa Energy Alliance and get exclusive access to functions with investors, operators and peers from across the globe
    Attend think tanks and government meetings designed to redefine investment landscapes

1-2-1 Meeting programme:

  • Take advantage of a full day of pre-vetted meetings with investors who have capacity, finance and appetite for your priority projects

  • Work with our investor relations team to develop a full day of investment meetings over the course of the Summit.

Global Public Relations to promote your energy sector:

  • Promote your country as the energy investment of choice to over USD$100Bn of investors at our summit.

  • Drive your message, vision and objectives surrounding international investment in your energy sector.

Complementary Consultation Assessment

Promotional Videos

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