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Your strategic partner for energy ventures

We connect you with the right energy opportunity in 47 countries

Discussing the future of energy and business


Message from our Executive Chairman:

The past couple of years had been incredibly challenging for the energy industry, affecting FDI and investment attraction, so 2023 will be the most demanding year.

Strong Leadership is the way forward. We have always existed to support Nations and will continue accelerating the growth of those around the world who have asked for our help.

Our expert teams will assess and audit your exact needs, build a tailored plan and ensure your success through the power of technology and vast investor networks.

We envision a prosperous future where energy is clean, abundant, reliable, and affordable.


We are the strategic growth partner for Nations. We develop recommendations and integrated strategic plans for sustainable exploitation of hydrocarbons and renewable energy projects.

Experienced. Connected. Trusted. 

At IN-VR we understand the importance of finding the right growth opportunities and the right partners in emerging markets. This is why in 2020, we decided to launch our Consultancy department to assist investors and energy companies in their expansion and transitional ventures.


Stelios Papagrigoriou

Our consultancy's work encompasses:

Fundraising & Stakeholder Engagement

We assist our local and regional clients in seeking international partners and maximizing visibility. 

We work closely with an established group of equity and debt providers, matching sponsors and projects with investors and shortlisting possible partners and stakeholders in any market.

Market Entry Strategy & Intelligence

We create customized reports for our clients that allow them to make informed decisions and de-risk investments. From socio-economic analysis, to competitor outlook and culture best practices we act as a trusted consultant in the boardroom and on the field.

Market Sentiment Report

We tap into our international network to collect business feedback about any specific company, project, or technology. 

Business Development

We provide growth support to companies across the entire energy spectrum and connect them with prospects all over the world.

How do we help?

We serve all the actors in the industry cycle including private corporations, State-Owned-Enterprises, financial institutions, family offices and private investors and regulators.

What sets us apart

10 year

track record of promoting and understanding emerging economies.


to respond to the special requirements of individual markets around the world.

High level

relationships with decision makers at board and executive management level across the globe.

Frank Mugisha.png


Frank Mugisha, Ag Commissioner & Manager, Second Licencing Round

Thank you for giving me this platform to be able to present to this number of investors. We are sure that very soon we will start to see an upsurge of investors in Uganda.

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