Piping at the Kipoi compressor station,
Libreville, Gabon
20th-22nd October, 2021
HYBRID EVENT: You can join online or in person!

Fully Endorsed by: The Presidency’s Gas Task Force

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We are pleased to announce that the Ministry of Oil, Gas and Mines and the Presidency of Gabon have jointly approved of the new dates for the Gabon Oil, Gas and Energy Summit.
The Presidency’s Gas Task Force and IN-VR will be working hand in hand to deliver this event on the 20th-22nd of October.

Feel free to contact us to know more about new exclusive features of this conference, such as more comprehensive sponsorship opportunities, delegate tickets for the international community, among others.

Fully Endorsed by

The Presidency’s Gas Task Force

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Join the first post-COVID energy event to re-open networking routes for Gabon and the international industry.

IN-VR is pleased to announce the official Gabon Oil, Gas and Energy Summit.

The Gabon Oil, Gas and Energy Summit, will present a unique platform bringing together existing and future operators in the growing oil, gas and energy industries of Gabon. New investors and service providers will meet with the government to find the best ways to access Gabon’s vast resources, upcoming projects and new opportunities.

This event is taking place in Libreville, Gabon, in French. You can also enjoy it online in English, on our IN-VR platforms.

Meet Gabon’s government, IOCs and energy players in the country's first hybrid event on Oil, Gas and Energy


3 days

of exclusive presentations



experts and keynote speakers



in person and online combined


The Presidency’s Gas Task Force

The Gabon Oil, Gas and Energy Summit is being organised in partnership with the Presidency's Gas Task Force.
The task force has been appointed by HE. President of Gabon, and is manned by the country’s top gas and energy experts. The task force has the mission of creating a roadmap for Gabon’s gas future, the country’s upcoming Gas Master Plan, in addition to growing and optimizing the country’s hydrocarbons exploration and production.

Meet our Speakers

HON. Mr Vincent de Paul Massassa

Minister of Oil, Gas and Mines

Republic of Gabon


David Roux




Goldfroy Ovono

Senior Production Engineer

BW Energy


Yann Yangari

Head of the Gas Task Force

Presidency Office of the Republic of Gabon


Hervé Nnang

Deputy General Director

Gabon Oil Company


Andy Felix Nze Nguema

General Director



Odette Nzaba Makaya

General Director

Gabon Oil Company


Adrien Broche

General Director



Abdu Razzaq Guy Kambogo




Stephen MOUBA

General Director



Guy Alfred Ogoula

Head of New Affairs





World Bank

Why Gabon?

Gabon is creating new industry opportunities for indigenous companies, as it is launching its 12th licensing round, revamping the country’s hydrocarbon industry, actively investing in local content, while also accelerating their energy transition, investing in new gas projects and technologies.

The Gabon Oil, Gas and Energy Summit, is Gabon's national event, focused on Gabon's vast oil, gas and energy resources, with all the key players of the country’s industry.

The hybrid event will be hosted both in-person in Libreville, as well as online on IN-VR's platforms.

Connect with the key players behind Gabon's Oil Gas and Energy projects, meet your future partners and find how to ensure a successful venture in Gabon's growing market.

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Main thematics 

- Reduction of flaring

- 12th Licensing Round 

- Storage, Transport and Distribution

- Local Content

- Funding and Taxation

- Revamping Hydrocarbon Producing Assets

- Risks on social and environmental impact of the gas project

- EOR Technologies and Equipment 

- Regulations and Governance

- Carbon Trading

Hear from the Head of the Presidency’s Gas Task Force, Yann Pierre Albert Yangari, in the Energy Hall of Fame Podcast

He shared updates on Gabon’s exploration and production, new opportunities, and his thoughts and experiences in attracting new players in the country!

Gabon Oil, Gas and Energy opportunities

Gabon is greatly expanding its oil and gas industry, to repurpose produced gas and enrich its energy mix. This creates a series of new opportunities for upstream, midstream, and downstream companies as new projects and initiatives are established:


Gabon is investing on gas generators, building 4 generators in Bitam, Lambarene, Fougamou, and Mouila, and having plans for more as the industry expands 

Increased LNG demand:

Gabon’s new power generators require a constant supply of LNG and gas to continue producing over 8MW for the country, a demand that will only increase as more generators are built.

12th Licensing Round:

The Minister of Petroleum, Gas and Mining indicated the closing date of the submission of tenders, June 30, 2021. Petroleum companies interested in the acquisition of the 35 blocks identified within the framework of the 12th call for tenders to submit their offers according to this terms.

Flared gas repurposing:

New opportunities are created for gas transportation and storage, as Gabon is investing in repurposing flared gas from the oil fields, to power its generators.

Local Content:

Gabon is revamping its hydrocarbon assets, offering new opportunities to local companies. The concept of Indigenous companies was born, aiming to develop locals’ participaction in the development of the oil and gas sector, as well as the nation.

New Hydrocarbons Law:

The Government of Gabon officially published its new Hydrocarbons Law on the 22nd July 2019, in its  ”Journal Officiel n°28”

Hotel Résidence Nomad, address: Route L101 Quartier De L'aéroport, Libreville, Gabon.


Where will the summit be taking place

Or from the comfort of your home or office, on IN-VR's online platforms.

Visa & Entry to the Country:

We recommend that you consult the Consular Portal to directly verify the Entry Visa process, information and Gabon's policy.

Tickets & Access

Physical option

Delegate Access

Subject to pre-approval

- Join us in Libreville, Gabon to meet all speakers and watch all presentations

- Q&A live with the speakers

- Book private meetings

-  Network during the Coffee, Cocktail reception during event

- Gala Dinner after the conference is over

-  Meet Gabon's biggest energy players and decision-makers directly

Online option


The Online Platform Access

Automatic online access for Energy Circle Members only

- Watch and Access all presentations online from your computer

- Q&A with the speakers

- Networking within the platform.

- See who is in the conference and speak directly with each other

- Text and video calls

- Book meetings from within the platform

- Access presentations and recording

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Yann Yangari

Gas Gabon Oil

Yann Pierre Yangari, Head

Thank you very much for this opportunity, it was amazing, and we'll try and organise some more roundtables like that.