Colombia Energy & Mining Summit will respect Covid-19 protection measures and standards during the summit to ensure the safety of attendees and staff.


According to the Minister of Health and Social Protection of Colombia, as of November 2021 a vaccine certificate must be presented in which it is evidenced, as a minimum, the beginning of the vaccination scheme, as a requirement to enter face-to-face events of a public or private nature that involve massive attendance.

What You Need to Know

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 Completely vaccinated

At least 1 dosis received

26,4 million

citizens (or 51,9% of the total population) have been completely vaccinated

61,1 million

dosis administered in total

Venue COVID-19 Measures

During your stay at the Hotel Grand Hyatt Bogota hotel all COVID-19 measures will be taken to ensure a safe stay, for more up-to-date information on the measures to be followed by the venue click here.

Protocol to Follow During the Summit 

Covid-19 protection measures and standards will be respected during the summit.

Masks will be provided at the conference entrance.

Regular cleaning will safeguard the health of our attendees and staff.

Stay tuned for more information!