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21th- 22nd September 2023

Italy’s potential to become the next Renewable Energy Hub: The road to Energy Security and the continental spillover.

Leveraging opportunities for the transition and expansion of the energy market.  

Italy Green Energy Summit will be the first of its kind to group in one location discussions across all Renewable Energy sources, Italy's Energy Transition and how to reach energy independence fostering a circular economy business model. 


Italy Green Energy Summit will bring invaluable opportunities for access to new and upcoming energy project launches focused on the Energy Transition, executed by our Net-Zero Circle, with a strong geographical focus on Italy and Europe at large. 


Italy Green Energy Summit wants to facilitate an atmosphere of national and international cooperation. It aims to  accelerate Italy’s decarbonisation efforts and renewable energy goals, by enabling opportunities for national and international organisations to benefit from the growth of this sector, in a Country whose strategic positioning in the Mediterranean sea makes it one of the most promising locations for the next green energy production hub. 


The summit will showcase initiatives, projects and obstacles across a range of renewable energy sources, from solar, hydro, wind, carbon capture, and green hydrogen, thus allowing conversations on how industry leaders can make a unified effort to lift the sector of renewable energy in Italy, helping Europe at large tackle the environmental crisis by reaching its set decarbonisation goals for 2030, and leveraging the commercial potential resulting from the launch of new energy projects 


Presentations by industry leaders, expositions and workshops by chambers of commerce and public institutions, one on one meetings and networking opportunities are only  some of the exciting activities that await. 

Wind Turbines

Why attend Italy Green Energy Summit by IN-VR?

This event will prove to be a unique platform for investment sourcing and project launches for institutions wishing to foster and extend their commercial relationships within the Italian Renewable Energy sector. 



From all around the world

2 days

For the latest

projects for Italy!


Sector Companies

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Participarting Company

So good. As expected the summit was very interesting, taking into account the current situation and providing projections for the industry.

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