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Why now?

Global warming has been the subject of world wide concern for decades. However, rising sea levels, heatwaves, droughts, deadly storms and floods, among other consequences of this phenomenon, are increasingly harder to ignore. 


As the Energy Sector goes through a major upheaval, with global events impacting significantly on the supply and cost of energy, policymakers are trying to address how to urgently tackle the issues of security of supply, affordability and sustainability. At the same time, the sector is going through the major process of transitioning from fossil fuels to clean energy, with tough targets and deadlines being set both nationally and by the wider international community. 

Addressing the issue of how to produce more energy, cheaply and sustainably, has never been more urgent. The flow of new projects into the market, focussing on solar, hydro and wind are a key part of the picture that is forming around meeting energy goals.   

Image by Caleb Miller

Who is Italy Green Energy Summit 2023 for?

  • Governments

  • Renewable Energy Project Owners

  • Energy Regulators

  • NOCs, IOCs and NECs

  • Investors

  • Project Finance Specialists

  • Private Equity Companies

  • Debt Financing Companies

  • Banks 

  • Energy Infrastructure Specialists

  • Lawyers

  • Consultants

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