26th-27th April 2022

Join Colombia's Energy & Mining Energy Summit

and become a key player in one of the fastest growing renewable energy and mining markets in Latin America.

2022 is the ideal year to meet and network with Colombia’s most influential players as the country intensifies its energy transition proposition in the region, plans to increase its focus on natural gas exploration and future exports, is avidly promoting its new mining prospects, and is making regulatory changes to accommodate the increased demand and influx of upcoming renewable projects.

Meet with Colombia’s key investors, existing operators, new energy and mining companies entering the country, and renewable energy companies looking to invest in Colombia’s market in the country’s networking and investment event, the Colombia Energy and Mining Summit.


Get equipped with the necessary knowledge to identify and make the most out of the potential opportunities in Colombia, multiply your exposure and partner-up with new clients during the Summit’s networking opportunities.

Take part in Colombia’s latest energy and mining opportunities:
shale colombia.jpeg

Colombian shale and offshore potential


Gas, infrastructure and exports


Advances in Colombia's Hydrogen Route

Colombia’s NOC Ecopetrol & IN-VR’s discussion on the country’s gas strategy

N-VR has been creating this platform together with a number of highly successful virtual events,  arranging meetings for companies interested in Colombia's opportunities.

Yeimy Patricia Baez Moreno, VP of Gas Ecopetrol presenting Colombia’s opportunities to 174 IOC and 430 service providers at IN-VR’s Latam & Caribbean Oil, Gas & Energy Summit

Key thematics:
  • Sustainable mining exploitation

  • Construction materials mining and infrastructure;

  • Emeralds and other precious metals and minerals;

  •  Formalization of Colombian mining

  • Mining and blockchain: tokens and smart contracts;

  • ​Ecopetrol’s role in shaping Colombia’s national oil & gas strategy;

  • Colombia’s important role within the IEA during its energy transition climate;

  • Fuels of the future in Colombia;

  • New renewable projects in Colombia

  • The future of the Non-Interconnected Zones (ZNI) of Colombia;

  • Financing of renewable projects

  • Strategy to attract new energy and mining investment to Colombia;

  • Regulation of Coltan (Nb-Ta) in Colombia;

  • The mining-environmental policy;

  • Regulation of the fuels of the future;

  • Among others...


Figures about our previous online event in September:

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Binational Chambers of Commerce:
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