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Join Colombia's Green Energy Summit

And become a key player in one of the fastest growing renewable energy markets in Latin America

2024 is the ideal year to meet and network with Colombia's most influential players as the country steps up its energy transition proposal in the region.


During the 2nd Colombia Green Energy you will be able to meet new and existing national and international operators and companies interested in entering the country, looking to invest in the different projects and opportunities that Colombia has as one of the most promising renewable energy markets in the region.


Gain the knowledge you need to identify and take full advantage of potential opportunities in Colombia, multiply your exposure and partner with new clients during the Summit's networking opportunities.

Why invest in the renewable energy sector of Colombia?

Colombia global ranking according to World Economic Forum’s 2020 Energy Transition Index, the country ranks second in the Americas and 25th out of 115 countries worldwide in terms of its capacity to supply quality energy in a self-sustaining, accessible and environmentally friendly manner. 

There are more than 150 power generation projects registered at the UPME (The Mining and Energy Planning Unit) with Non-conventional energy sources (solar and wind), with an installed capacity of 10,166 MW. Some of these projects are open to strategic partnerships with investors who are willing to carry out the construction and operation of said projects. 


The country's commitment towards Net -Zero Carbon Economy 2050 has led Ecopetrol, National Oil Company,  to produce one million tons of hydrogen (green, blue and gray). Investment of US 140 million until 2024. It claims to contribute from 9% to 11% to the goal of halving the oil company's emissions by 2050.

Take part in the latest opportunities in Colombia!
  • Outgrowing demand in the green energy sector 

  • New wind projects 

  • Latest Hydrogen advances

  • Solar projects as a key to energy transition

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